Surprising mix of Turkish & Western music with traditional Azerbaijan folk.
From soft songs with a secret groove to danceable balkan music!

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With room for improvisation, Kazara is mixing traditional Azerbaijan folk with Western popmusic, and
known and unknown Turkish songs are being formed in a new surprising and unique way. New
compositions in different styles are being made with harmonious vocals and Oriental influences.
Moving from soft easy listening songs with a hidden groove to energetic and danceable balkan/gypsy

With roots in a music workshop from Stichting De Vrolijkheid at AZC Luttelgeest ánd a bit of
coincidence this band came together. A close friendship with different backgrounds was born, with
music as the connecting factor. There is so much to discover!

The songs are about vulnerability, farewell, friendship and especially about love. The love for a

country, the love for each other. There are no borders for love and friendship, just like it is with
music. Melodies travel like a story, wherever they want to go.

Kazara is: professional singer Sadikh Agamaliyev from Azerbeidzjan, Enes Onuk from Turkey on

guitar, Daniëlle de Vet from Kraggenburg on guitar and vocals, Els van der Wal from Marknesse on
flute and percussion, bassplayer Kay Ramati from Amsterdam and clarinetplayer Ciger Ibrahim from Syria.

For bookings and contact please send an email to: kazarakollektiv @ or
send a direct message on Instagram or facebook: @kazarakollektiv
See you! 

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